Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to

St. Laurence’s  National  School,


Co. Kildare.

As Principal of St. Laurence’s N.S. I feel very proud of our school community.  St. Laurence’s N.S. is indeed a great school and we should be very aware of its wonderful  tradition.

My hope for all  the  pupils, as  they   journey through their school years, is that they will experience St. Laurence’s as a warm and welcoming place, where they are provided with every  opportunity to be the best they can be.

I pay tribute to our diligent hardworking staff, our parents and our  pupils, whose  support, hardwork and encouragement is so vital to the future of our school.

Our School Motto.

“Bí  go maith leis an ngarlach agus tiocfaidh sé amárach.”


Be good to the child and he will come to you tomorrow.



Vision / Mission Statement


The years your child spends in Primary School are the most important years of his/her school going life. The discipline, attitudes and learning skills acquired there will be those the child uses for the rest of his/her academic career and life. If these habits are good and solid then he/she will be a happy, mature and contented student. We as parents and teachers must do everything in our power to nurture and care for the child’s developing mind, body and spirit.

St. Laurence’s National school is committed to providing Primary School education where each individual is enabled to grow physically, morally, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually. We recognise that the children will flourish in a friendly and open environment and we strive in each class and throughout the school, to create a strong sense of community. We try to raise the children’s awareness of ecological matters and we have introduced a policy of recycling through the school.

We share in the responsibility of transmitting knowledge and attitudes which will enable the children to grow in their religious faith. We are a Catholic school but pupils of different persuasions attend our school and their religious outlook is respected. All children are equally welcome.

We believe that a strong spirit of co-operation exists in our school, between the teaching staff, auxiliary staff and parents of the pupils. The parents are after all, the primary educators of their children and the school is where the professional educators complement the work of the home.

It is the earnest wish of the staff, parents and management of the school that each pupil should leave St. Laurence’s N.S. with a good self image and with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure that whatever walk of life is chosen later on, he/she can look forward to further growth and fulfilment in the future.