Welcome to St.Laurence’s National School



Principal’s Welcome

As Principal of St. Laurence’s N.S. I feel very proud of our school community. St. Laurence’s N.S. is indeed a great school and we should be very aware of its wonderful tradition.My hope for all the pupils, as they journey through their school years, is that they will experience St. Laurence’s as a warm and welcoming place, where they are provided with every opportunity to be the best they can be.I pay tribute to our diligent hardworking staff, our parents and our pupils, whose support, hardwork and encouragement is so vital to the future of our school.

School Motto :

“Bí  go maith leis an ngarlach agus tiocfaidh sé amárach.”

 Be good to the child and he will come to you tomorrow. Read More


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