Healthy Lunch Policy

St. Laurence’s N.S.

Healthy Lunch Policy


We, the staff of St. Laurence’s N.S. promote a healthy eating policy in our school.

A good diet is essential to the growing child and we are very aware that it is the high sugar snacks that children eat between meals that cause a real problem for their teeth and early tooth decay. We are also conscious of poor concentration levels and hyper-activity as a result of eating these sugary foods.

School policy states that children are encouraged to eat healthy, nutritious lunches. Lunches can include sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt, vegetables, cereal bars etc. Health Education is part of the school Curriculum. We promote healthy eating. Sweets, chocolate, bars, crisps, fizzy drinks and chewing gum are prohibited. Due to the number of nut allergies in our school there is also a ban on nut products in particular classes.

In keeping with our Reward System occasionally teachers may use “Sweet Treats” as prizes or to celebrate seasonal or festive events.

We implement this policy by informing our parent body and informing our children on an ongoing and regular basis. In school, our children are encouraged to make good choices in relation to food. The EU School Milk Scheme is in operation in the school.

Our policy is actively monitored by both Principal and class teachers and frequent reminders to parents.

Reviewed in November 2012

Ratified by B.O.M. on the 18/12/12


David O`Grady

Chairperson, Board of Management