Physical Education (PE)

New Hall Floor Markings

Our hall has some very special new floor markings. The hall is now lined for badminton and basketball. Should fit perfectly with the new badminton equipment we purchased recently too!

Spring Cleaning

Our PE store room in the hall has been given the “Room to Improve” treatment. Ms Forrest’s label maker needs a holiday!

January 2017 – Out with the old . . .

We’ve updated our PE equipment and threw out the old and broken resources. A new year; a new start.


Hit the Gym in Jan

Gymnastics is our focus strand in PE for 2017/2018 and everyone agrees we picked a good one!

Our new gymnastics equipment is proving a massive hit with all classes. Everyday in January and February the gymnastics mats, beams and benches were set up for all classes to utilise throughout the school day at each class’s assigned PE time in the hall.

Irish Heart Foundation Workshop

The Irish Heart Foundation visited the teachers after school on Tuesday 31st January to provide some tips and tricks in effective PE teaching. The coach from IHF provided us with some terrific new lesson plans (Action For Life programme) and our own set of IHF bean bags. The hands-on workshop was enjoyed by all!


A big thank you to our Deputy Principal, Ms Forrest, for giving all classes from junior infants to 3rd class the opportunity of 4 swimming lessons at Athy Leisure Centre over the course of 4 weeks.

The swimming lessons are always a big highlight of the annual PE programme for these classes.

PE Yearly Plan

Physical Education – Yearly Plan – St Laurence’s NS
September – October October – November December – January
Games Games Games
Outdoor & Adventure Dance Athletics
Activities   Gymnastics*
February – March April- May May- June
Games Games Games
Athletics Aquatics Aquatics
Gymnastics* Dance Outdoor & Adventure
*Gymnastics was chosen as the focus strand for 2016/2017  

PE Timetable

PE is a valuable part of our curriculum. The school’s administration placed loads of time and energy in creating a timetable for the school hall and astroturf areas when we moved to our new school building in June 2015.

Every class has access to 90 minutes (3 x 30 minutes slots) of both the astroturf and hall.