Physical Activity

Lunchtime Soccer League

Our lunchtime soccer league for 4th to 6th class is very popular. In total 20 girls and 42 boys entered so a girls league and boys league was created. 

The initiative has even inspired 2nd class to create their own soccer league which they organised for 1st and 2nd class and refereed themselves!!!

National Walk to School Week

National Walk to School Week from Monday May 15th to Friday May 19th was a massive success in our school. Our Parents Council very kindly organised for cars to drop students off at the local industrial park and chaperone/walk them to the school from there each morning during the week

Ms Ward’s fourth class designed a walking trail around the green and astro areas for all classes to try out. See the pictures below to give you a taste of the challenges along the route.

From Ballitore to Barcelona

In February, March and April all classes took part in our school running initiative. A 250m and 150m route was mapped out and all classes took on the challenge of accumulating as many laps of either route over a number of weeks. 

We finished up running a joint 2,123km. The same distance from Kildare to Barcelona. Outstanding school teamwork!


Easter Bunny Challenge

Easter week presented each class with the challenge of climbing the highest mountains around Europe. One skip equals one metre climbed!

Well done to all classes for participating and getting into the “swing” of things! Special mention to Ms Hoban’s class and Ms Ward’s class who break the 20,000 skips mark!

 St Patrick’s Day Dance Off

Lá Glas on Thursday March 16th saw all classes invited to our whole school dance-off. During the week classes made a dance-off video to show to the rest of the school at a special school assembly on Lá Glas! Videos to follow soon  . . .

Active Breaktimes

With wet days getting less regular the Active School Committee have organised zoned activity areas on our astro and green area at lunchtimes from March onwards. Skipping, football, flush the toilet (tag) and bull-dog are just some of the games being played at the moment. Dodgeball is also played in the hall by one class at every 12.30 breaktime.


Infants Run 1000 meters !

March and April sees our running initiative get underway and our infants are leading the way!

Active Slogan

After many creative and thoughtful suggestions our Active School Committee have decided on a slogan. The slogan is simple and memorable and carries our key message: a little every day goes a long way. Here is our 2017 Active School Slogan:

Jump around and keep fit, everyday do a little bit!

The slogan was revealed at assembly on Wednesday March 1st and now hangs proudly in our PE hall for all students to see each morning at assembly.

Active Resolutions

Students have been busy deciding on their New Year’s Active Resolution.

Our Active Resolutions now hang proudly in our PE hall.

Table Tennis and Giant Chess!

A big thank you to our Parent’s Council who very kindly funded and organised the purchase of a giant chess set for our chess room and a table tennis table for give all classes extra options during rainy days.

Each class has been given a time to make use of the new resources and a lunch-time table tennis league has been promised for March. Rumour has it that the table tennis table was previously rented out by the Irish soccer team and Robbie Brady made a scratch on the side of the table!!!

Operation Transformation 10@10

All classes had great fun on Friday February 10th! At 10am we all stopped and took on a variety of difficult physical challenges in our classroom for 10 minutes.

Active Rewards

The Active School Committee noticed that the school hall timetable is free for use each day from 12 noon until 12.30. Teachers can sign up their class to use this spare time using the sign up sheet outside the hall.

The extra hall time is often used as a weekly, forthnightly or monthly reward for positive classroom behavior in place of treats.

Getting the most out of our hall!

Classes have been given extra use of our PE hall during breaktimes. The Playground Leader Team of our Active School Committee are doing a fine job organising these daily sessions. Dodgeball and ultimate dodgeball are proving big hits!

Go Noodle

Every class in the school has embraced active breaks during the school day. We have had a great response from all classes and the teachers who take part each day.

Santa Dash

The weather couldn’t dampen our spirits on Monday 19th December when all 12 classes took part in our Santa Dash. Everyone sprinted, jogged and walked laps of the astroturf and roundabout with our Christmas spirit still intact upon completion.

  • Our yellow corridor (junior and senior infants) ran half a kilometre!
  • Our red corridor (1st and 2nd classes) ran 1 kilometre!
  • Our blue corridor (3rd and 4th classes) ran 2 kilometres!
  • Our green corridor (5th and 6th classes) ran 3 kilometres!

Do your Talking as you’re Walking 

From September 2016 this has been our break-time motto.

This motto is displayed at the doors to the playground as a reminder to students.

The motto is also on the special yard supervisor clipboards for teachers.

Breaktimes @ St Laurence’s NS

We are very luck at St Laurence’s NS to have some all-weather, all-year-round playgrounds like our infants only yard and our astro-turf pitch.

Students eat lunch before leaving the classroom to get the most from their time outside at break-time.

Mid-morning break: 10.50 – 11am

Afternoon break: 12.30 – 1pm

The infants have their own secluded play area just to themselves while 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th and 5th & 6th share use of the astro-turf areas and tarmac/green area.

The playground tarmac areas of both the infant and main yard have been carefully marked to encourage activity and games at lunchtime.