Parents Council

The Parents Council

St. Laurence’s National School,


Co. Kildare

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of the members of the Parents Council, I wish to extend a warm welcome to you as the parents in our school. Please find below information on the Role of the Parents Council and the details of the Constition of St. Laurences National School Parents Council.

The present committee members are:

Chairperson: Tara Moore – 086 3700668

Secretary: Yvonne Kennedy – 087 6952760

Treasurer: Maura Leigh – 086 8274928

Our meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month in the School Hall at 8 pm.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of the committee in relation to matters that we may be able to assist you with.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Sheerin


St. Laurences National School


Parents Association Constitution


The association shall be called St. Laurence’s National School Parents Council.


Membership shall be open to all parents/guardians with children in the school and a representive of the teaching staff. There shall be no membership fee.


The aims of the association shall be as follows:

* To promote general interest in the welfare of the school.

* To run functions of educational and social value for parents/guardians and pupils.

* To run functions which will provide finances to improve facilities in the school.

* To organise and run extra curricular activities.


The committee shall consist of 10-14 members (together with the non-voting consultative members who shall consist of the Principal and Chairperson of Board of Management, who shall not not be officers of the association but shall have a right to attend meetings).

Only those who give consent may be elected to or co-opted to the committee. When electing members, gender equality should be taken into consideration and if possible one member to reside in each area.

No husband and wife shall serve on the committee at the same time. Committee members shall serve on the committee for two years.

Those who served one year will be deamed to be re-elected to serve their second year. The remaining places will be filled by nomination or election by those present at the A.G.M. If the total number exceeds the number of vacancices there shall be an election among those present to fill the balance of places vacated by the outgoing members of the committee.

If the membership of the committee falls below the number elected at any time the committee shall have the power to co-opt a parent/guardian to fill the remaining place. The new committee shall have their first committee meeting at the earliest opportunity following the Annual General Meeting and therafter regularly during the school year.


The committee shall from its own members nominate / elect a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in September of each year and shall be open to all parents/guardians each of whom shall be entitled to one vote.

At the A.G.M the chairperson shall read a report of the years activities and the treasurer shall present a financial report.

Extraordinary General Meetings may be called, on not less than seven days notice by ordinary post to each parent/guardian, provided that at least voting members of the full committee are present and consent to same.


This constitution may only be changed by two thirds of the ordinary members present voting in favour of such a change at an Annual General Meeting of the Association or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.

The role of the Parents Council

Parents Council was formed in order to:

* Foster co-operation and communication between school and home.

* To help to promote and assist in extra curricular activities.

* To inform parents of education developments.

* To help with provision of school requisites.

All parents of children attending the school are considered to be members of the Parent’s Council. At a general Meeting every two years a committee is selected comprising of at least 8 parents and teachers representative. This committee will then elect their own chairperson, secretary and treasurer and parent’s representative. During the year the Council is involved in as many educational and fund raising activities.

* Providing a forum for parents to meet and discuss relevent educational devvelopments.

* Representing parents’ views to the school principal on general school matters.

* Being involved in events such as swimming lessons, book fairs, Christmas Parties, school dramas, arts programmes ie. visits to theatre, museums etc.

* Organising of teas/light refreshment for First Communion and Confirmation children and their families on the relevant days.

* Helping with repairs and re-decoration of areas within the school. Funding towards educational equipment, computers etc.

The school appreciates and supports the work of the Parents Council and is happy to help in the activities that are organised.

If a parent/guardian wishes to discuss a particular matter regarding his/her child, they must ring the school to make an appointment with the class teacher. If the parent/guardian wishes to question general school policy or an incident in the yard, they must make an appointment to see the Principal. These matters are not within the remit of the Parents Council.