Students Council

Student Council

St. Laurence’s N.S.




Through the Student Council you can contribute to the life of St. Laurence’s N.S.



  • Participation in decision making on how the school is seen and how the students can help to make St. Laurence’s a better school.
  • Contribute to fun activities for students and fundraising for various charities.
  • Representatives will meet with Principal/Staff Members at regular times to discuss matters relating to students special interests. These may include environmental issues, sporting and games activities, fundraising etc.



Our representatives are elected from our 4th, 5th and 6th classes (2 from each class)

If you want to be a member of the school council you must represent the ideas, interests and suggestions of the students, you are not elected to the Council to promote your own ideas alone.



Student Council Role Statement

The following is a role statement for Students on Student Council for 2008 / 2009

It was determined by the students at their first meeting.

  • Students elected onto the Student Council should;
  • Act responsibility at all times.
  • Be positive role models to others.
  • Display initiative in a wide variety of situations at school.
  • Listen to students and respond positively to their ideas.
  • Help make our school a safe place for all students.
  • Assist in raising funds for the school
  • Provide support for the various charities that the Students Council identifies by assisting with fundraising and giving information to others.
  • Assist with the management of whole school activities such as sports day, tours, Christmas plays etc.
  • Assist in organising fun days for all students to enjoy.
  • Become familiar with how the school is managed and what makes St. Laurence’s a special place and be able to talk to others about those things.


The Role of our Student Captain

Student Captain will:

Be reliable and responsible at all times.

Provide outstanding student leadership.

Organise and manage meetings.

Encourage all to take part in a positive way.

Meet and greet special visitors to St. Laurence’s N.S.

Thank people who visit and contribute to our school.


Student Council Members 2017-2018

Sam McCann (Captain)

Dan Reynolds
Grace Nolan
Benjamin Magera
Lorna Corcoran
Dylan O`Dwyer
Sadhbh Murphy
Mark Whelan
Grace Keogh
Fionn Linehan
Lauren Donaghy
John O`Halloran
Dearbhla Byrne

Student Council

New members are in place and we welcome their ideas and input into the life and activities in St. Laurence`s N.S. in this busy and exciting year.