Green Flag

Green Schools

We will continue to maintain our high standards in the Green Schools Initiative. We have achieved 6 Flags to date

Green Schools Committee

2017-2018 [Rang 4 – Rang 6.]
Eleanor Tuomey
Luke Sheerin
Ian Anantharajah
Max Geissel
Oisin Slattery
Joanna Ryan
Lucas Magera
Aaron Falvey
Amy Allen
Josh Kelly
Nicole Browne
Mia Finglas
Corey Coyne
Grace Reynolds





Green Flags:

  • In 2014 we received our 6th green flag for Global Citizenship Litter and Waste
  • In 2012 we received our 5th green flag for Biodiversity.
  • In 2010 we received our 4th green flag for Travel.
  • In 2008 we received our 3rd green flag for Water.
  • In 2006 we received our 4th green flag for Energy.
  • In 2004 we received our 1st green flag for Litter and Waste


We, The Green School’s Committee, would like to start off with a big thank you to Mrs .Hoban and Mrs .Costello  for everything they did during the year to get our 5th green flag (for biodiversity)  and also a big thank you to all the teachers for all their support over the year  and of course, the children, without everyone working together, we wouldn’t be able to even get the 1st flag, so thank you. We had a fun and exciting year with all the activities and games and we have another exciting year ahead of us.

As you all have probably  heard,  our new theme is GLOBAL WARMING. So we want to be able to get this flag and celebrate also. We started our 1st activity with a great day for everyone.  Global Warming is in nearly every country in Europe /World and that’s why we all dressed up in a different country. So in 2014 we will be bringing home the 6th green flag……after a lot of hard work….



Work  began in the school year 2009/10 in the area of Travel, reducing car use to and from school and raising the awareness of the need for this.
(1) The Green School’s committee completed a travel survey, finding the different ways that children traveled to school. They found the majority travelled by school bus, some travelled in cars, and a small number walked.
(2) The school launched W.O.W (Walk On Wednesday). To promote awareness posters were displayed in all class rooms. Along with this, the Park and Stride initiative was launched, using the church car park and the car park at Buy Design, Crookstown.
(3)Once this was established, F.F.F (Feet First Friday) was launched.
(4) A cycling workshop gave the Senior classes much enjoyment and practical skills and safety technique.
(4) The school had cycle parking spaces installed.
(5) Children who had bus tickets were encouraged to travel on the bus.
(6) Car pooling was encouraged.
Every one was delighted when we were informed that our application for the Fourth Green Flag was accepted. The school proudly collected the Flag at the National Awards Ceremony in Croke Park in Match 2010.


The school received its Third flag in 2008 . The theme was Water. News letters were sent to parents to inform them of all the work being done by the children.
Raising awareness and promoting good habits was the first priority of the Committee.
Top Tips for saving water were made known to all classes.
A survey was completed to find how many taps, and toilets were in use the school and the leaky taps were repaired. Rain water was collected in a water butt, and this was used in the school garden. Signs were made for every class-room to be placed at sinks in class-rooms and bathrooms. 6th held an awareness day in the school hall. On that day 6th did experiments  involving water, all the classes from 3rd up produced posters and information sheets.  We found out about where our schools water supplies come from. We checked for the water meters.


We renewed our green flag for our work on energy in 2006 .
We had an energy awarenes day to make the children aware of the importance of conserving energy. The green school committee organized signs for the class-rooms to place on the light switches  and the doors such as “switch off” “recycle” “save energy” .

All classes are regularly reminded to
(1) Switch off the lights when not in use
(2) Close the doors to keep the heat in
(3) Turn off computers and other such equipment every evening.


The school has 2 compost bins. We got them from Kildare Co. Council. The are situated in the school garden at the front of the school.
We bought small plastic containers for each classroom and the staffroom kitchen, 16 in all, to collect compost materials on a daily basis. The compost is used in our school garden. It is important that all pupils are involved in some way with the composting.

Who is responsible?
The pupils in 4th class take responsibility for the compost bins. There is a rota system in place. Two children collect and empty the classroom compost bins on a daily basis, at
2.00pm. Each classroom is responsible for washing their own classroom bins. Teachers monitor the outdoor bins on a regular basis.

What to put in the bin?
Fruit peel, tea bags, pencil pairings, tissue paper, grass cuttings, some shredded paper,
Withered flowers, leaves.


The first task the school undertook was to reduce the litter created in the school. This was in Sept. 2005. We received three recycling bins from Kildare Co. Council. This has now increased to seven. The children, led by 6th class began a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign and this led to the setting up of our Green School’s Committee to monitor progress. Each class was involved and all the classes learned how to separate the materials for recycling from the rubbish. In 2006 we received our first Green Flag, consolidating the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle practices in the school.
Recycling is now very much a part of our waste management policy in the school.
A number of initiatives were introduced to promote recycling in the school:
a)   All classes were supplied with a large green bin for  their recycling materials.
b)  The use of lunch boxes was encouraged.
c)   A healthy lunch policy was implemented.
d)   Children had to bring their popcorn in a lunch box, not the bag.
e)  Children were encouraged to use re-usable plastic bottles for their drinks.
f)   Discouraged the use of cling film and tin foil.
g)  We started recycling batteries with Returnbatt Ltd. We have one battery collection box.
h)   We recycled our used ink cartridge with The Inkdrop comp.
i)  Set up our composting bins.
j)  Cleanest classroom competition started.
k) The school takes part in the annual Spring Clean up.
l)   Recycling of old mobile phones, with the Jack and Jill Foundation..
m)  Frequent surveys are carried out.
n)   Where possible using both sides of paper in photocopying.
o)  Using materials collected for recycling for Art activities.
p)  electric hand driers installed in all bathrooms.

In 2014 we received our 6th Green Flag for Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.


Work Completed for our 6th Green Flag 2014

We did many surveys on fairtrade, different nationalities in our school and local produce. We had a competition for a new slogan. Fionn Linehan 2nd class wrote the slogan ‘Litter pickers keep it up, all day long don’t give up’. Evie Dickinson 5th class wrote ‘Don’t be mean, keep earth clean’. Sophie Alcock 5th class and Evelyn Kinsella wrote ‘No one hugs litter bugs’. We put these together to make our new green code.

We held our annual Day of Action where we had games using recycled materials. Our global day also is held every year so classes can experience different cultures.

At the beginning of each year we survey all classes to make sure they all have a compost, a recycling and a general waste bin. Also to make sure every class knows which bin is which. Ms Hoban’s 3rd class are in charge of compost and Ms King’s 5th class are in charge of recycling. Every play area has good signs of biodiversity.

All classes have signs to turn off the taps, lights etc. A lot of children travel by bus which is good for saving energy. Also some cycle or walk to school in good weather. We remind classes of the rules regularly.