Third Class

  Christmas Acrostic Poetry



S   is for Santa

A   is for a beautiful angel

N   is for the naughty and nice list

T   is for Christmas toys

A   is for antlers on Rudolf


C   is for Christmas

L   is for lights on the Christmas tree

A   is for an Angel on top of the tree

U   is for under the Christmas tree

S   is for Santa up in the sky.



 Scott Mackey

Third Class

Miss Hoban


Red nosed reindeer

Up in the sky he is

Driving  Santa

Oh so High

Losing Santa

Presents are gone and

Happy  Christmas to everyone!


Evan Wynne

Third Class

Miss Hoban


Ready to take off and deliver presents.

Eat all biscuits and drink the milk.

If somebody sees you say Ho! Ho! Ho!

Now it is time to come back home.

Don’t get sick after eating all the food.

Early to bed !

Early to rise!

Reindeer are so happy and full off joy.


Nicole Cardiff

Third Class

 Miss Hoban


Racing down the mountainside

Eagles flying high

Down the mountain

Never stopping

Over stumps and style

Snow is falling

Eagles flying

Reindeer dashing by

Enter the frost

In the dusk

Never flying too high

Darkness falls

Eagles sleeping

Every where

Reindeer sleeping too


 Jamie Farrell

Third  Class

Miss Hoban



Merry Christmas everyone

Everyone is happy.

Rudolph has a red  nose

Roast turkey for dinner tonight

Your new toys under the tree

Children are very happy

Happy kids every where

Reindeer on the roof

I love Christmas

Santa is coming

Turkey on the table

Mistletoe on the tree

All the presents under the tree

Santa’s sleigh high in the sky.


Kyle Corcoran     Third Class      Miss Hoban



Crackers are being pulled

Hear everybody laughing

Reindeer on the roof

I just can’t sleep

Stars are in the sky

Time for Santa to come

Merry Christmas to all

All the good children will get presents

Santa is not coming to bold children


Prancer is getting tired

Up in the North Pole there are so many elves

Dancer is dancing all through the night

Down to earth they go

In the night they come

Now it is Christmas morning

Girls and boys are opening presents.


Eimear Allen     Third Class    Miss Hoban




Best dinner ever mum

Even  like dad’s new shirt

Love decorating the Christmas tree

Love opening presents

Some nights are really special to me.


 Ava Shirley

Third Class

Miss Hoban




Santa brings Christmas joy every where

Angels on the top of the Christmas tree

No bad things …..just good things

To make all the Children happy

And Santa brings toys to all !



 Katie Fleming

Third Class

Miss Hoban








010 009011 017013 016



My Pony


I have a  little pony

Her name is “Apple Drop”.


I want to ride her   day and night

I never want to stop.



Aoife Byrne

Laura Allen


My Pony



My pony Twomey

Is fluffy and cute.

He loves his polomints.

When he jumps over fences in the field

I can see his little hoof prints.



Aoife Harrington


My Pet Kitten

My pet kitten is the  best

He  plays with me all day.

He waits for me at the bus stop

From there he does not stray.

He loves fresh milk .

He laps it up so quick you’d hardly see.

He likes  cat food out of the tin

He rests up in the  tree.



Evan Farrell


My pet dog


My pet dog is so fluffy

she’s lots and lots of fun.


I love her so so much.

Her tail I love to touch.


She runs around

She is a great dog.


At the end of the day

She sleeps like a log.


Eimear Kerins


My made up pet.


                    I have a pet called Rosie.

                    Her hair is nice and soft


                    She loves her stable and her hay

                    I ride her out most every day.


                             Ava  Allen


My Little Rabbit


I have a little rabbit,

She’s fluffy and brown .


I keep her in the garden

Where she eats the juicy grass


My little rabbit goes to town.

I  laugh at her

she’s  such a clown.


Ricky Haughton


My dog Rosie


My dog Rosie

She is the very best.

I love her

Oh so much.

Her tail I

Always touch.



Jodie Fitzpaterick J


My brother Evan



Evan, my brother

Is nice and kind.

He is the best brother

You would ever find.

He makes me laugh

We love to play

He is my twin

What more need I say.


Jamie Farrell


My Boxer


My dog is a boxer

Her name is Jess.


Every time I call her name

We go and play a game.



Darragh Byrne


My Alsatian


My Alsatian Jessie

Is black with bits of brown.


She jumps so high

Up to the sky


She  rolls

and gives the paw.


Katie Fleming




Matilda is so cute

So cuddly and soft.


Her coat is golden

 I brush it a lot.


She chews on rocks

I know that’s strange


But my Matilda

I’d never change.



Scott Mackey


Jackson and me


Jackson likes to play

on a sunny day.

He kicks the ball into the hall

and then  he runs away.



Jack Russell Bruce


I have a dog.

He is a Jack Russell.

He is so funny.

His name is Bruce.

He loves to run.

He loves to bark.

He lies on my bed  when it is dark.


Emily Anne Byrne  Paulson




My dog is Jack

He’s brown and black.


He loves a rub

When  he’s in the tub.


I call his name

He runs to me.

We love each other

As you can see.


Nicole Cardiff


I love Lucky


My dog’s a Labrador

Mixed with colley cross.

He doesn’t like his collar

But he knows I’m the boss.

He has fun in the garden

As he runs round and round,

One day I took him on a walk

A big brown rabbit is what he found.


Eimear Allen


My Pony


I have a pony his name is Sammy .

We play together all the time.

We gallop the fields every day.

I’m so glad that he  is mine.




Emma Behan


I have a little pony


I have a little  pony

she’s good and strong

but don’t get me wrong

she’s  cheeky as a monkey.


She bucks and rears

but I have no tears,

Cause that’s just what

Little ponies do.




Saoirse Bolton- Dowling


Fluffy the Rabbit


Fluffy the rabbit loves me

And I love her  too..


We hug each other all the time

Cause hugs are free…. it’s true


She scratches me

But I don’t mind


A   happier  rabbit

is hard to find.


Ava Shirley


Coco and Major


My dogs are  very loveable

My  coco and  my Major.

My Major is a legend

My very bestest friend

I say hello to Coco

He jumps into my lap.

I love my dogs

the two of them…..

I am  happy chap.


Big Dogs and Small Dogs


I have a dog named Tiny,

I’m not sure what breed he is.


I have three others  along with him

Charlie, Lulu ,Heidi.


These Burmese dogs  I love so much

I love old Tiny too.


In fact I love  all kinds of dogs

I hope you love them too.


Jane Wright




One scoop

Two scoops

Three scoops

Four scoops

                               Ice-Cream is good for all.


D J Whelan




Joshua Moloney