Amber Flag

Amber Flag Committee 2017-2018

Mia Finglas (Ms. Bradley)
Sean Moore ( Ms. Bradley)
Bailey Mills (Ms. King/Ms. Ward)
Amy O`Mara (Ms. King/Ms. Ward)
Sarah Faye Lawler (Ms. King/Ms. Ward)
Senan Murphy (Ms. O`Grady)
Savannah Robinson (Ms. O`Grady)
Ashley O`Halloran (Ms. O`Hanlon)
Lauren Donaghy (Ms. O`Hanlon)
Darragh Conway (Ms. O`Hanlon)
Luke McCann (Mr. Ennis)
Millie Mallon(Ms. Ennis)

Amber Flag Initiative

Continues this year. This initiative aims to encourage schools to promote and actively bring about a culture change in the promotion of Positive Mental Health and Well Being for all within the educational System