Active Schools Flag

In 2017 we aim to apply for the Active Schools Flag! St Laurence’s is an active school with plenty going on but we can always improve. We have loads of new projects planned to get everyone active in 2016-2017.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Activity


Active School Week

Active School Inspiration

 In September 2017 all students from 3rd to 6th class were invited to apply to be on the Active School Committee. Only students who are on other committees in 2016/2017 (e.g. Amber Flag, Green Flag, etc.) were excluded from applying. 

A massive number of applications were received with many original and creative ideas for our school to get more active. Many of these ideas inspired the events and activities planned for the year!

Such was the popularity in the initiative that it was decided that 4 mini-teams within the Active School Committee would be established. 

  • Tech Team – these students help Mr Ennis to maintain the Active School Blog
  • Club Ambassadors – these students provide a vital link between the school and their club. Ms Costello leads this team.
  • Playground Leaders – these students co-ordinate playground activities and games at breaktime. Ms O’ Hanlon leads this team.
  • Pep Squad – these students make banners, promote events and encourage us all to get more active. Ms O’ Dwyer and Mr Murray lead this team.